Philippines and Political Dynasty

Political Dynasty

Political Dynasty is common in Asian Countries, especially in countries like Philippines. A lot of Filipinos are doing their best to totally abolish political dynasty in the country, but there are politicians who see nothing wrong with it.

What is political dynasty?

It is defined as succession of government leadership from the same family. It may sound the same as the monarch government, but political dynasty has a totally different meaning. Is there something wrong with political dynasty? If you are going to study article II section 26 1987 Philippine Constitution, it states that the state should have equal access to public service opportunities and it should prohibit the practice of political dynasty. Hence, political dynasty goes against the state policy.

However, a lot of government officials are not abiding with the law. As a matter of fact, in the Philippine senate you will find siblings as well as father (outgoing senator) and son (running for senatorial position). Local government in the Philippines also appoints their relatives to different government positions. These are basically the symbols of Philippine Dynasty in the Philippines.

Political clans in the Philippines indeed belong to a traditional group. The Philippines is stratified to social status and power. The family where you belong also determines your place in the community. As mentioned above, the campaign for prohibiting political dynasty is still on. But will it be successful? The answer to this question remains a mystery up until now.

On the positive side, political dynasty has a positive effect in some places in the Philippines. Davao City is ruled by the same clan and this has actually a positive effect on the city. Davao City is one of the livable cities not only in the Philippines, but as well as the world. Political dynasty is a very powerful political trend and it has both negative and positive implications.

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