Resolving Query – How To Backup And Restore Outlook 2011 MAC

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For sure everyone is busy in routine life and that is why the idea of backing up data does not come to individual’s mind. Still, this arduous task should execute by everyone, whether it is for Windows computer system or for MAC computer. Periodic backup creation is a practice that prevents users to lose data. (continue reading…)


How to create quality content?

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If you are a blogger or online writer, you would have heard that content is the king. This is hundred percent correct and now a days google rank only those sites and posts which are of high quality. So in order to bring visitors to your blog, you must write quality content and provide value to your readers. (continue reading…)


Is Facebook geared to patch up security in WhatsApp?

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Facebook’s deal with WhatsApp drew attention for its mammoth price tag: 19 billion dollars; $45 for your phone. But it has also brought out fresh criticism over the security of millions of messages delivered on the platform every day. Can users trust their data with the Facebook-owned WhatsApp since the former has a history of major privacy screw-ups. Social media security experts are skeptical. (continue reading…)


8 Benefits of Online Marketing to SME

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Businesses today might have tons of options to market their products or services. However, choosing the right marketing approach takes some careful decisions and factors to consider before initializing it.

Start-up companies, particularly the small and medium enterprises, might be having a hard time deciding on what marketing strategy they should use, knowing the fact that they only have small amount of budget and limited resources. Investing in some traditional marketing strategies sure is expensive for them. (continue reading…)


Marcos and the Philippines Energy Requirements

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Bataan_Nuclear_PowerplantThe continuous advancement of technology in today’s world requires an equally continuous increase in the need for fuel. Fuel is needed to power the machines involved in these technologies. In the Philippines various energy sources are tapped. Electricity is mainly derived from water power plants or geothermal power plants. Cars and airplanes are powered by oil imported from the Middle East.

Very few could probably still remember, but in the 1980s, an alternative energy source became available to the Filipinos—the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. This power plant cost the country billions of dollars to finish, but ultimately was never used. To this day, the country is paying the debt we have incurred in the construction of the power plant while it stands in the Bataan, without any foreseeable use. (continue reading…)


Ferdinand Marcos and the Philippine Military

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marcos-philippine-militaryThe military of a country can make or break its present administration—this claim perhaps is best proved by the events that transpired during President Ferdinand Marcos’ despotic administration. During the implementation of Martial law in the country, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, composed of the Philippine Army, Philippine Navy, and the Philippine Air Force became pivotal in quelling uprisings and attacking “enemies of the state”. But towards the end of Marcos’ presidency, the Philippine military also played a key role in overthrowing the dictator. (continue reading…)


Philippine-China: Asia’s David and Goliath

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southChinaSea-westphilippineseaJust recently 11 Chinese fishermen were arrested in a standoff in Palawan after they were caught illegally poaching over 500 marine turtles in the waters of the disputed West Philippine Sea. This event is without a doubt connected to the long-running territorial dispute between China and the Philippines over which country has legitimate claim over the Spratly Islands. The Spratlys region, an oil-rich chain of islands located in what was formerly known as the South China Sea (aka West Philippine Sea) is now being claimed by at least five sovereign states — China, the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Notwithstanding, the strongest of claims have always emanated and continue to emanate from China and the Philippines. The clash between the two countries has become so hopelessly bad that the United Nations has already become involved in the arbitration process. (continue reading…)


Philippine Politics and the Pork Barrel Scam

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napoles-pork-barrelPolitics in the Philippines is unique in a lot of regrettable ways.  For one, it is extremely personal—dynastic even. Powerful clans dominate both local and national levels of government. It is a network of compadres, of friends and families, who mastermind grand schemes and plots towards enrichment and self-aggrandizement. Obviously, this kind of personal and clannish politics concerned mostly in itself tends to be the most corrupt. (continue reading…)


Pampanga: The Country’s Culinary Legend

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pampanga-foodsThe Philippine hospitality is always associated with scrumptious food. Visitors are concerned as to the preparation, presentation and the taste of the food itself. And talking about the authenticity of a great food steward, Kapampangans are always number one on the list.

Kapampangans or the natives of Pampanga are known to be meticulous in food preparation. It is for this reason why their native foods are not only known in their province, but in the entire Philippines as well. (continue reading…)


PDAF Scam: A Political Scandal

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napolesPhilippines is literally house to hosts political scams and scandals. In the past, there were the ZTE scam and fertilizer scam.  But none of these are perhaps half as controversial or hotly debated as the Philippine Development Assistance Fund Scam, popularly known as the pork barrel scam in the end of 2013. The PDAF scam is quoted to involve billions and billions of pesos of Filipino money being pocketed by various personalities, most prominently by senators and congressmen.  Up until now the issue remains far from being resolved, although with the recent release of the so-called “Napoles list”, we are probably getting closer and closer to the bottom line of this ludicrous political extravaganza. (continue reading…)


Batanes: The Philippines’ Hidden Beauty

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batanesThe Philippines is known with its beautiful sceneries. But unbeknownst to some Filipinos, an astounding paradise nestles on the north-eastern part of the archipelago, Batanes.

The beautiful island-province of Batanes is situated in the region of Cagayan Valley. Notwithstanding with the fact that it is the smallest province in the Philippines, its green meadows, verdant hills and crystal-clear beaches would make someone realize how blessed the Philippines is. (continue reading…)


The benefits offered by web hosting service

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shared_hosting_logoWeb hosting is an internet hosting service that helps people as well as other organizations in making their website accessible to the world. Web hosting companies basically offer internet connectivity and provide space on the server. There are different types of web hosting services, but the most common are shared web hosting , Reseller web hosting & VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting. (continue reading…)

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